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Common Korean Phrases & Words in K-pop

  • 사랑해 (saranghae):

    “I love you”

  • 보고 싶어 (bogo shipeo):

    “I miss you; want to see you”

  • 몰라 (molla):

    informal/slang = “I don’t know”

  • 돌아와 (dorawa):

    “come back”

  • 괜찮아 (gwenchana):

    informal = “it’s alright/okay”

  • 것 같다 (geot gata):

    an expression used when the subject of the conversation is uncertain; e.g. “seems to be”

  • 점점 (jeomjeom):

    varies by context, but used to show degree (i.e. “more and more,” “less and less, or “little by little,” etc.)

  • 어떻게 (eotteoke):

    “How…?” or “What should/can I do?”

  • 안돼 (andwae):

    affixed with a negative force; basically “no”/”can’t”

  • 너무 (neomu):

    “so,” “too much,” or “very,” etc.

  • 이젠 (ijen):

    “now” as in “from now on”

  • 이렇게 (ireoke):

    “like this; in this way”

  • 아직 (ajik):

    “yet; still”

  • 다시 (dasi):


  • 더 (deo):


  • 니가 (niga):

    “you are”

  • 모든 (modeun):

    “every; all”

  • 항상 (hangsang):


  • 곁에 (gyeotae):

    “next to; by”

  • 가슴이 (gaseumi):

    “heart; chest”

  • 쉽게 (swipge):

    adverb = “easily”

  • 오늘도 (oneuldo):


  • 하루 (haru):

    “day,” thus haru haru means “day by day”

  • 하지만 (hajiman):

    “but; however,” not to be confused with…

  • 하지마 (hajima):

    “stop it; don’t do it”

  • 말이야 (mariya):

    verb = “speaking of”; also used for emphasis

  • 왜 (wae):

    typically “why” but also “what” in different contexts

  • 자꾸 (jakku):

    to continuously do something or keep from doing something (literal translation is “keep”)

  • 있어 (isseo):

    “there is/exists” (positive)

  • 없어 (eobseo):

    “there isn’t” (negative) also “can’t/don’t”


"Tutorial diy: Cintillo floral"

He vuelto por fin y es que la universidad me ha tenido super estresada y ahora volvi con este hermoso diy para que lo intenten ustedes y se vean increibles.


Flores (pueden ser artificiales tambien)


tijeras (para cortar las flores)

horquillas (o pinches)


1. Comience cortando sus flores hasta unos 5 cm (2 pulgadas) de tallos largos.

2. Hazlo para todas sus flores.

3. Para empezar, empiece por el cableado juntos dos flores a lo largo de los tallos.

4. Mantenga el cableado juntos, alternando los diferentes tipos de flores para que tenga mucha textura, diferentes colores y sin huecos.

5. En lugar de crear una cadena simple de las flores, que comenzó con una cadena y luego se espesó el casco a cabo mediante la adición de más flores en anchura para crear una forma más dramática casco. Habiendo dicho esto, usted puede crear cualquier forma que desee para este estilo.

 Para comprobar si la longitud es de derecha a medida que comienza a añadir más, sostenerlo o la cabeza para decidir el número de flores que añadir - que decidimos hacer el mío, por un lado de la cabeza pero se puede en todos los sentidos si se quiere - es realmente depende de ti!

Y LISTO!! ¿Te gusto este hermoso diy? 

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DIY - Layer Up Head Chain 

Every year at Coachella I suffer with the same dilemma, no electricity at the campsites means no hair straightener! I wanted to create a hair accessory that would accommodate my hair situation for this upcoming weekend. This lovely layered chain provides some bedazzle to an otherwise boring bun. 


  • 3-4 Different Types of Chains
  • 2 Small Jump rings
  • 2 Metal Cord Tips 
  • 2 Thick Bobby Pins 
  • E - 6000 Glue
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pliers 

1. Begin my setting up the template of how you want your chains to layer down. Using your measuring tape, measure each chain one inch longer as you layer down, and trim. I started with 8 inches, then 9, 10, and finally the rhinestone chain at 11 inches long. 

2. Next, take one of your jump rings and begin to insert the chains in the order of your template. Repeat with opposite end of your chains. Then using your pliers close off hoop. 

3. Now that you have a semi looking necklace, take one of your bobby pins and insert the jump hoop through it. Repeat this with second bobby pin on opposite end. 

4. Now taking one of your metal cord tips, secure around the bobby pin and close shut. This will secure the chain in place. Repeat with opposite bobby pin and you are all done. 

XOXO - Drea 

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